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The global COVID-19 outbreak has affected many individuals, families, communities, and small businesses. Our thoughts are with you as we navigate through these unusual and difficult times.

We at the design house of LION AND SUN have made it our top priority to aid our community in the fight against COVID-19 by using our design and fabrication expertise and our in-house manufacturing facility.

We present to you V-CAN-2: a “not so fast”, disposable, non-medical face mask, designed and produced with sustainability in mind.

By using paper products for the main structure and an interchangeable filter, we have created a platform that makes the V-CAN-2 mask reusable and recyclable. The artful patterns and colors are designed to bring visual comfort, and to inspire creativity in a time of chaos.

As stated by the Government of Canada, wearing a non-medical face mask is “an additional measure to protect others around you” from “coming into contact with your respiratory droplets”. We understand we all have a role to play in overcoming this pandemic.

United, V-CAN-2 persevere

 V-CAN-2 Mask

 Guidelines when using V-CAN-2 masks, according to the Government of Canada:

- V-CAN-2 masks are for individual use and should not be shared with others
- V-CAN-2 masks can become contaminated from the outside, therefore, avoid adjusting the mask often
- Wash or sanitize your hands prior to placing V-CAN-2 masks on

How to wear V-CAN-2 masks:

1. Wash or sanitize your hands before touching V-CAN-2 mask
2. Ensure that V-CAN-2 mask has a filter in its center
3. Move any hair away from face
4. Hold V-CAN-2 mask in your non-dominant hand with the inner side facing your body
5. Move the elastic strap so that it falls on the back of your hand
6. Place V-CAN-2 mask over your nose and mouth, and use your dominant hand to pull the elastic strap over your head and onto your neck, where it feels comfortable
7. The ends of the elastic strap can be tugged to tighten the fit
8. Wash or sanitize your hands again
9. To change the filter, use the designated flaps and place the new provided filter inside the mask
10. To dispose of V-CAN-2 mask, place it into a paper recycling bin.

Please note that V-CAN-2 masks are non-medical masks for the general public and are not meant to be substituted for medical equipment. Additionally, V-CAN-2 masks should not be placed on children under the age of 6, persons having difficulty breathing, or are not able to remove the mask without assistance. Although the appropriate guidelines from the Government of Canada have been followed when producing V-CAN-2 masks, please avoid having a false sense of security and continue good hygiene and public health measures to protect yourself and your families.

Thank you for your support, 

The design house of LION AND SUN